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What makes us different?

  • We don’t have sales or route reps chasing commission and avoiding your calls.
  • You deal with business stakeholders that look for long term business relationship.
  • We are a dynamic family team, not a soulless, profit driven enterprise.
  • We value good customer relationships and long term mutually beneficial integration with our clients.
  • We invest in technology and staff to drive efficiency and reliability. 
  • Guaranteed turn around times.
  • Reliable delivery and collection schedules.
  • Quality check of all items.


Our operations feature the latest technology including:

  • Individual batch washing and wash and extract lines.
  • Some of the largest dry cleaning machines available to Sydney.
  • Industry leading sensor driven Lavatec dryers.
  • Fully monitored CCTV of all processes and staff interaction.
  • Computer controlled washing and drying processes.
  • GPS tracked vehicles.
  • Custom build item tracking software to manage collections, processing and return of items.